Saturday, July 12, 2014

Orma '92 - Event Organizers

We would like to have a family get together of our batch mates of Diploma Electrical batch 1992 at GPT auditorium, Kalamassery on August 09, 2014.  
A preliminary meeting was conducted in the O/o Tomy & Metilda on 17-06-2014 for discussion.

Below organizers attended the meeting
  1. Chatterji S.Deen, 
  2. Tomy M.C, 
  3. Metilda, 
  4. Nazeer T.K, 
  5. Harikumar, 
  6. Antony K.G 
  7. Vishnu Namboothiri 

Following decisions were made in the meeting. 
  • Program may be conducted in the GPT Indoor auditorium in a well arranged manner Named as “ORMA ’92-2014”.
  • Decided to invite former teachers and honoring in this program. 
  • Decided to invite Sri.V.A Shamsudeen,  Asst. Dir., CD Centre, Kalamassery, (Ex. Principal, GPT, Kalamassery) for inauguration.
  • Cultural programs of kids and adults will be conducted. 
  • Scheduled time from 8:30 am to 5:30 PM
  • Breakfast, Lunch, tea and snacks will be included in the function.
  • A Photo session will be conducted during breakfast time and the laminated group photo shall be issued at the end of function.
  • Expenses shall be shared by the participants and decided to collect shares before the function. 
  • Bank account of Smt. Metilda may be used for collecting funds. 
  • Following committees were formed for making arrangements
o Stage and facilities – Nazeer T.K, Jaison, Tomy, Sanju. 
o Finance committee – Metilda, Tomy, Nazeer
o Food Committee – Metilda
o Cultural Programme committee - Chatterji, Vishnu, Shine, Rajesh
o Guest committee – Chatterji, Antony K.G, Satheesh

Contacted Sri. V.A Shamsudeen and confirmed availability for the function
GPT Auditorium booked for the function.

It is requested to contact all members and discuss the matter. Suggestions are invited. Suggest anchoring personalities. A boy and a girl are preferred. Cultural programs shall be conducted in well arranged manner.  Program schedule shall be informed soon.

It is expected participation of around 140 members from more than 40 families. Calculated an expenditure of Rs. 80,000/-  Apprx. It is decided to collect @ Rs. 2000/- from each family in advance. Account can be settled at the end of section and the balance amount shall be returned. 

All are requested to remit Rs. 2000/- (Minimum) in the account of Smt. Metilda - A/c No.43042200082052 of Syndicate Bank, Kalamassery  branch Please contact Smt. Metilda  or Sri. Tomy M.C  or Sri. Nazeer T.K before remittance.

Additional donations shall be accepted from anyone especially NRIs.

Your active participation is requested for making the function a grant success. All are requested to come early in the morning for photo session. Photo session would be conducted at 9:30 AM. Please do not loose to be present in the group photo. Forward and convey this message to all concerned.

Program coordinators.

PS: Any suggestions can be added as comments to this post.