Monday, April 27, 2015

Message from Nizar (KSA)

Message from VM Nizar [ Saudi Arabia ] - read out to the members by Pradeep & Wilson

Dear Teachers,Guests ,Alumni and Friends and classmates,
What a wonderful day !! A reunion after twenty two years.
Finally we got up after many years to look back to our college days. So sincerely  consider and salute my colleagues  , who all has involved with  organizing this event ORMA’92, and to look ahead at your efforts  in the coming years also.

It was my immense desire to attend this event and to meet  my old friends, classmates, acquaintances and teachers, reminiscing memorable experiences and to share the stories of success  of everyone during the bygone years. Due to some unavoidable circumstances  I couldn’t reach for the event.

I feel like we all have learned something more about life  but the years we spend together stays apart from  the rest as golden memories.

I strongly presume all of you could take my collective decisions to strengthen the relationships  and interact in future.
Once again My best wishes to everyone who has joined this event ORMA 92.

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