Monday, April 27, 2015

Thank you Note: to Orma '92 Team

Orma '92 ~ 2014

Memories take us to the golden period of our past and the most beautiful occasion remains in our campus where we spent majority of our adolescents to youth.

A revival of campus life definitely rejuvenate everyone's soul.  Intention of like minded brains of 1992 batch of Diploma Electrical students conceived the event Orma '92.

Spark ignited by Chatterji was taken ahead by Metilda who really inspired other friends to involve mentally & physically to realize this task.  Thus more members ( Tomy, Nazeer, Vishnu, Satheesh) were actively involved into the core team taking individual responsibilities from locating the venue to the tiniest gift for little wonders expected in the event.

As a result of many meetings with principal, HOD & alumni officer, GPT auditorium and campus was finalized as Event location.

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